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About Me
Hey! I'm Daktyl, a self taught multi-instrumentalist and producer from the UK. I'm very inspired by nature and wilderness. I always find the best ideas when I'm somewhere wild and still. The music I create is diverse, organic, and intentional, and often reflects the various instruments I’ve built or learned over the years. One of my favourite things to do in recent years is create live performance videos of my music out in natural locations. I care deeply about nature conservation, and believe that showcasing these locations can help build an appreciation for the natural world, a world upon which we are merely passengers.

About my project
 I believe music and nature share a timeless connection, both are able to summon emotions words cannot express. Along with my interest in preservation, my goal is to continue producing and releasing live videos that capture the beauty and crucial importance of these landscapes. By building more visibility around my music and these live videos, I believe I can make a lasting impact on people’s perspectives of the natural world. 
How I'll use the prize
With this grant, my aim is to produce and release compelling live videos immersed in natural settings, implement a targeted marketing approach for increased awareness, and develop merchandise to ensure the long-term sustainability of my project. I would also like to create an immersive event that would invite people to experience my live sets in an outdoor setting, allowing attendees to experience music and nature in tandem. Moreover, a meaningful commitment is ingrained in my plan—I pledge to donate 10% of the grant to the World Wildlife Fund, contributing to the conservation efforts.
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